Shedding Light on Some Recent Shade

Yesterday, an organization in town called Austin Socialist Collective (ASC) casually threw some bullshit in our direction as part of their attack on Red Guards Austin (RGA). Here’s what ASC had to say about STP:

“Rather than bringing workers into struggle, [RGA’s] “Serve The People” programs function as red-washed charities: passersby receive food and clothes, but also RGA literature. The deficiencies of this approach have become painfully apparent. Why, for example, after two or more years of effort did they organize their International Workers’ Day (May Day) action downtown and not in Montopolis, which they claim as a base area? Either they intentionally brought their forces to a place where they were weak or their Serve the People efforts have not built any power whatsoever after years of work. Either way, their project has failed.”

We don’t really expect this false characterization to affect our relationship with the communities we serve – they already know what’s up and they sure as hell aren’t reading ASC’s blog – but this caricature of us may change the way that people from outside those communities see us who may be thinking of volunteering with us. If you’re one of those people, this is for you.

But before we get into this mess, we want to give a big middle finger to ASC’s leadership. Y’all don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about and you didn’t even reach out to us before passing judgement. If you’re wondering why you’re seeing so much hostility, it’s because you’re running your mouths talking shit without investigating for yourselves. For everyone else, here are the facts:

STP is a mass organization (meaning it’s open to anyone who agrees with the Points of Unity, regardless of their specific ideology). RGA helped start STP, but they do not lord over it or have special privileges. We respect our RGA comrades and often look to their knowledge for guidance, but our membership democratically makes decisions for our own group. We are not ruled by any outside organization.

That being said, we do hand out RGA literature at our servings (because it’s rad) – and we also hand out literature from various other sources as we see fit. For quite some time now, most of what we’ve been handing out is our own literature, which is always written based on the ideas and demands of the people we meet in our work on the ground.

Anyone who has attended one of our servings knows we are not a charity. It is true that capitalism will never ever provide for all the basic needs of the working class, and the rising tide of fascism will only make things worse. Supporting these communities materially connects us with them and fortifies people against the impending fascist threat. But that is only the first step. We use our time serving to build relationships with people, and we have in-depth political conversations as a major part of every stage of our work. We talk about what problems people see, what solutions they think might work to fix them and how best to implement those solutions, what they think of the ideas from other members of the community – and so on. We then take their ideas and sharpen them with the grindstone of revolutionary history and theory. In so doing, we reflect on how similar strategies and tactics have played out in the past and estimate what could happen in our current local conditions, and then we return the reinforced ideas back to the people as programs and campaigns. Our anti-police campaign, our election boycott campaign, and the anti-drug campaign we are about to launch have all been developed through this process, called the mass line. We encourage readers to study this method of leadership for themselves and not take ASC’s bogus interpretation as correct.

IMG_0053Capitalist ideology infects us all and pressures us to think only in the short term, but we must shatter this fantasy where only the near future matters, because the road is long that leads to a society genuinely run by the working people of the world. We’re not against a campaign for a $15 minimum wage, or any other movement seeking concessions from the private or public sector, but we also recognize that reforms in themselves will not bring the working class to power. Climbing up the stack of promises made by the ruling class ends in a steep drop, because capitalists will always accommodate when they can, but as soon as they face a real threat, the apparent staircase of reforms will disappear and they will strike back at the people they exploit. We organize with the foresight that the contradiction between the owning and working class is irreconcilable and will end in violence. We strive to be forthright and patient when discussing this reality with those we serve, and we pose it as a dilemma that will have to be confronted together now and in the years to come.

In the first year since we’ve been fully operational, we have expanded our serving locations, engaged with and heard the ideas of hundreds of working-class people (many on an ongoing basis), recruited dozens of volunteers, and launched self-defense and know-your-rights programs, with more on the way. Taking these accomplishments and our trajectory into account, any impartial observer would conclude that our project is far from failing – it is growing. Haters be damned.

The path to communism is as dangerous as it is long. As a group, we joined our comrades in RGA and several other organizations downtown for May Day, an event where the main intention was to disrupt the status quo of the Austin elite. Many of us in STP were drawn to revolutionary politics by the radical and confrontational May Day marches of the past two years, inspired by the way they created an uproar in the otherwise quiet bubble that this city’s ruling class has created for itself.

We do not measure successful organizing by the number of workers who are “brought out” to a rally as if they were cattle or sales numbers. We organize by being true to our revolutionary political positions: We refuse to work with the police or those who work with them, because the police are the enemies of the people. We will confront fascists in the streets. And we will defend each other when we’re under attack. We know that when we live up to these positions, working people downtown can clearly see the difference between us and the same old boring assemblies at the capitol.

While we did not expect so many fascists to show up to the event, we know that the political climate in this country is turning hard toward the racist, sexist, anti-immigrant politics of people like Donald Trump and his white-supremacist fascist friends. Our march was blocked by the fascists, but the discipline of the comrades who attended ensured that not one of us was seriously injured or charged with a crime. We agree with RGA’s criticisms of the march, and we have been discussing among ourselves how to prepare better for the next one. But we would choose to be in a militant march with errors any day over a Democratic Party-approved congregation behind the capitol gates to hear tired speeches that would have us walk steadily back into the arms of the very people who are oppressing the masses in this country.

It is shameful that some people in ASC were so eager to try to score points that they didn’t mind telling bald-faced, easily disproved lies about STP. We’re not sure who they think they’re fooling, but the truth is available for anyone who wants to talk to and work with us. Society is already united around the needs and wants of the owning class, and as working-class revolutionaries we need to break from that ideology, not converge with it! That is what every part of our work is about, and anyone who sees us failing to live up to this need for rebellion is encouraged to bring their criticisms to us. We hope that followers of ASC and even some of its members will listen to our words and recognize how our political stance is not adventurist but guided by a working-class political line that is continually enhanced through the use of the mass line method, carried out at our servings and everywhere else we speak with the people. At the very least, we hope they will stop spreading lies about us.

It is wrong to spread bullshit!

It is wrong to bring the people closer to pigs and sell-out unions!

It is right to rebel!

Serve the People, May 2017

STP Magazine – March 12, 2017

Scroll down to read through Serve the People’s first magazine:


Free Food, Real Power


Serve the People has been holding free food servings and free stores for over a year in Montopolis, but many people still ask us why are we doing this? Are we a charity? Are we like a food bank? What gives?

No, we ain’t a food bank. We are the opposite of organizations like the Central Texas Food Bank (CTFB), because unlike them we want there to be a revolution in society, political, economic, social and cultural.

Checking out CTFB’s website, you might think that they want real change too. Their mission statement is “to nourish hungry people and lead the community in ending hunger.” Sounds nice, but if you take a look at their history, you’ll see that it’s bullshit.

First of all, to the Food Bank, there are two kinds of people: hungry people and not hungry people. In this magical world they’ve created for themselves, the only problem that exists is that people are hungry. It is a problem that is growing, they admit, but as a registered non-profit, they can’t be political and so they can’t comment on the root cause of why people are hungry, nor can they educate the people they serve about why things are the way they are. Serve The People’s main mission, on the other hand, is to bring revolutionary knowledge to working people. We know that hunger is a class problem, meaning that the people who go hungry are not the bosses and rich fuckers at the top, it’s the people who have to work under bosses or people who can’t find work that are forced to starve. So the only way to solve it is to take power away from the bosses and rich assholes.

In other countries throughout history, political groups like Serve The People have organized the masses of working people to quit being played by those fools and to take control of the machinery that runs their country, and we study those examples so that we can share with you how that kind of revolution could happen right here in Austin and how we could end hunger for real. But wait that’s what the Food Bank wants to do to right? “Lead the community in ending hunger?”

Well, that wasn’t always part of their mission.

They added that part in 2006, around the same time that the city of Austin was starting to grow rapidly. That’s right. They aren’t serious about “ending hunger,” they used it as an excuse to grow as an organization.

Now growth isn’t a bad thing by itself, Serve the People wants to grow too. The difference is that when the Food Bank grows it means they’ll have to ask for more money from the federal government and from rich donors, in other words the enemies of working people and the power to end hunger will slip farther and farther out of the hands of the people who can really stop it people like you.

Serve the People doesn’t take any grants from the government or businesses, and all of our members are volunteers, and it will always be that way. When we grow, it is because more and more working people are standing together to put an end to hunger and the other problems we face in our communities the only way we can, by taking the power back from those shitheads who make us their wage slaves and by freeing ourselves from poverty once and for all!












Del Valle Rising


High School Administration threatens students with suspension and arrest for organizing protest of ICE Raids.

On March 9th, the Del Valle High School administration, led by Principal David Williams, carried out rampant political repression of student organizers. Students had originally planned a walk-out to protest recent ICE raids at 11:50AM, but under pressure from the administration, the students were forced to call off their protest and comply with a school-sanctioned ‘sit-in.’ “At first our movement hoped to cooperate with the school while maintaining our autonomy,” one of the student organizers said. “Once we decided to organize without their ‘help,’ our leaders were brought in and forced to accept the school-sanctioned event or face immediate suspension and detainment.”

Principal Williams originally released a memo on Monday threatening suspensions and arrests for walk-out participants. On Thursday, a few hours before the planned walkout, Principal Williams called a meeting with student organizers. He reiterated threats of suspension and arrest, and he demanded they accept the school’s plan for a sanctioned ‘sit-in’ at 4:15. Students felt they had no other choice but to cancel the walk-out.

There is no such thing as a ‘permitted protest’ that truly threatens those in power. We the people have the power ourselves to claim space in our communities, our streets, even our highways, to make demands of our oppressors on our own terms, not on theirs.

These students have a right to rebel against their conditions on their own terms. These aren’t just questions of ‘free speech’, but of our community’s survival.

The fact that this principal is a white man in the highest position of power within the school, controlling brown students, is not lost on us.

The administration had no qualms threatening first-generation and immigrant students with suspensions, even knowing some students have immigration statuses that would be put at risk with a suspension on their record.

Despite this repression, we know this experience will only empower these exemplary students. It is critical that our community view them not as troublemakers or criminals, but as our next leaders.

School walk-outs are a valid, necessary form of protest in our times. Students across Central Texas are recognizing that the daily life of our community can not continue uninterrupted as immigration agents are kidnapping their family members and friends. All of us should learn from the Del Valle students’ bravery.

Their rebellion is our rebellion, and therefore we stand fully behind these students. It is inevitable that we will push aside those clinging to power, or abandon those who choose to stick their heads in the sand even as fascism starts to sink its roots into our communities. We will always fight back, led by the demands of the youth who are claiming their destiny to live in a better world.

Defend the Youth!
Chinga la Migra!
Fight ICE with Fire!

“Catch Me Outside Donald Trump”- STP Newsletter Issue 01

The fireworks, the flags, and the feeling of unity seen in North Austin this month showed us all how beautiful and powerful rebellion can be.

Traducción española está abajo

Day after day, we hustle for ourselves and for our families because we think that maybe tomorrow will be better. We hear about ICE raiding our neighborhoods, the police threatening our children, and the city standing by doing nothing, but we hold on to the hope that maybe we can get by and survive.

When ICE arrested a man at the Whatburger in North Austin Friday February 10th, and a video of the arrest spread on social media, that hope snapped. When we find that our faith has been betrayed, when it becomes crystal clear that this country doesn’t really give a shit about us, we act. We fight back.

People took to the streets that night at the intersection of Rundberg and Lamar to show the world that they are sick of being treated this way. Cumbia music blasted from speakers, Mexican, Honduran, and Puerto Rican flags waved in the air, and the people blocked traffic for hours while police stood by powerless.

“Catch me outside Donald Trump!” said one young man through a megaphone that night.
Another young man said through the megaphone, “I just want to let y’all know that if they come for the brown, they’ll have to come through the black.”

A young woman from North Austin told Montopolis Matters that the police were not on our side. “They better stay out of my way,” she said.

The rally that night was only the first. There have been dozens at the same intersection since then, many led by young people. The local media stations have made the rallies out to be “riots.” Of course this kind of talk is not surprising. They’re always trying to make working people out to be criminals or hot heads, as if we have nothing to be mad about!

Even worse, those lies are coming out of the mouths of people in our own communities. Anytime some of us take a stand against our enemies, there’s always some non-profit piece of shit there telling us to calm down.

Well enough is enough. It’s time we stopped blaming each other for the violence that is really coming from the rulers of our society. Trump is the ugly ass cheeto pendejo face of that ruling class, but there are a ton of rich, greedy bastards behind him, and if we don’t hit back, they will just keep on terrorizing us.

Montopolis and North Austin face the same bullshit, and the rage that exploded at Rundberg and Lamar is the same righteous anger that we all feel against those who would see our communities deported, imprisoned, and erased. It is not shameful to pop off when this country tells us to fuck off, it is not a crime to celebrate our cultures, and it is not extra to protect our families. It is right to rebel!

-Koba Kaboom

Montopolis Matters is a biweekly newsletter made for the people, by the people. If you would like to write for or contribute art to MM, email

Las cuetes, las banderas, y el convivio entre el pueblo visto en el Norte de Austin este mes nos muestra lo hermosa y poderosa que puede ser la rebelión. 

Día tras día, chambeamos por nosotros mismos y por nuestras familias porque creemos que tal vez mañana será mejor. Escuchamos que hay redadas de ICE en nuestros barrios, que la policía amenaza a nuestros hij@s, y la ciudad haciendo nada, pero mantenemos la esperanza de que tal vez podemos continuar y sobrevivir.

Cuando ICE arrestó a un hombre en el Whataburger en Rundberg Rd. el viernes 10 de febrero, y un video de la detención se extendió a los medios sociales, esa esperanza se rompió. Cuando encontramos que nuestra fe ha sido traicionado, cuando es claro que este país no nos importa un pedo, hay que actuar. Luchamos.

La gente salió a las calles esa noche en la intersección de Rundberg y Lamar para mostrar al mundo que están hartos de ser tratados de esta manera. Las altavoces del coche tocaron la música de cumbia, las banderas de México, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, y más rica agitó en el aire, y la gente bloqueó el tráfico durante horas mientras la policía se quedó sin poder.

“Encuéntrame afuera, Donald Trump!” dijo un joven a través de un megáfono esa noche.
Otro joven dijo a través del megáfono, sólo quiero que sepan que “Si vienen por los morenos, tendrán que pasar por los negros.”

Una joven mujer del norte de Austin le dijo a Montopolis Matters que la policía no estaba en nuestro lado, “Mejor que se quede fuera de mi camino,” dijo.

La manifestación de esa noche sólo fue la primera. Han continuado las protestas en la misma intersección desde entonces, muchos dirigidas por los jóvenes. Los medios de comunicación locales han hecho que las manifestaciones son “disturbios.” Por supuesto que este tipo de conversación no es sorprendente. Siempre están tratando de pintar los trabajadores como criminales o fanáticos, como si no tenemos nada de qué preocuparse.

Incluso peor, esas mentiras están saliendo de la boca de las personas en nuestras propias comunidades. Cuando algunos de nosotros tomen una posición contra nuestros enemigos siempre hay un político o un representante de las organizaciones sin fines de lucro que nos dice que nos calma.

Ya basta! Es hora de dejar de culpar al pueblo trabajador por la violencia que realmente viene de los gobernantes de nuestra sociedad. Trump es el pendejo con cara de cheetoh de esa clase gobernante, pero hay un montón de bastardos ricos y codiciosos detrás de él, y si no los golpeamos, nos seguirán aterrorizando.

Montopolis y el Norte de Austin se enfrentan a la misma mierda, y la rabia en Rundberg y Lamar es la misma rabia justa que todos sentimos contra aquellos que han visto a nuestras comunidades deportados, encarcelados, desalojados y borrados. No hay verguenza en luchar cuando este país nos diga que nos va a chinga, no es un crimen celebrar nuestras culturas, y no es locura que que queremos proteger a nuestras familias y compañeros. La rebelión es justificada!

Montopolis Matters es un boletín quincenal hecho para la gente, por la gente. Si desea escribir un artículo o contribuir con ilustraciones para MM, envíe un correo electrónico a

To Another Year of Serving the People


Almost one year ago, Serve the People Austin embarked on launching a free grocery and meal program in southeast Austin’s Montopolis neighborhood. We have been honored to meet others in the community and break bread with so many people. We serve food every single Sunday, but it is not us who are heroes; it is the everyday working people who are our heroes because it is them that have the infinite potential to change this world for the better. It is the people who struggle just to make it and keep their heads up every single day that offer us the inspiration to continue fighting in the coming year.

Our program works off of hearing the ideas that the people have—ideas on how to change the world! We take these ideas and we do our very best to put them into practice. What are the most common ideas from the working folks in Austin? Something needs to be done about the drugs and the racist thugs in uniform. Serve the People Austin needs your help to begin addressing these major issues as we move on in this new year. We cannot do it with such a small organization, we need people power to push out the pigs and the pushers!foodserving

Some feel that there are dark and difficult days ahead, as Trump is moving into the White House. We see this concern every weekend and want to prepare to serve the people with all our might. Serve the People Austin has been on the front lines against the election and the election results. We have seen our members attacked by police and arrested for exercising their right to protest. The government and their pigs become more and more controlling, abusive, and violent to enforce the will and secure the interests of the rich and elite, the very class which produces monsters like Donald Trump. We stand by the slogan fuck Trump, organize community self-defense! To us, this means organizing against Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids, against the right wing and fascist monsters inspired by Trumps election, against the Islamophobic racists who attack Mosques or other places of worship. It means standing up and fighting where community members are at risk.


If you would like to get involved with Serve the People, if you have a landlord who is fucking you over or a boss who is ripping you off, if you cannot stand the state of this country and want to fight back, email us, give our Facebook page a like or call our number listed at the bottom. We need you this year as we gear up to branch out into other parts of Austin and surrounding areas. If there is a specific service you can provide, let us know. We must come together and struggle to build a world where social wellbeing replaces private profit, where sexist, racist rich people bullshit will not be tolerated, and shelter, food, medicine, and education are basic rights enjoyed by all free of charge.  Serve the People has a vision, but we cannot reach it without your help. We have seen our grocery program blossom this past year and stood alongside the people in many struggles. This year, we will see more programs and even more intense struggles. We proceed with commitment and humility. Thank you for allowing us to be of service.

-Serve the People Austin

Telephone: (512) 522-9032


January 2017



Throw them both on their ass for their crimes and for their class!

Serve The People Austin concluded our election boycott campaign tonight outside of the polling station in Montopolis. What do these candidates represent? Not democracy. We are for democracy, one where the workers who make this world run have direct control over their lives and no one is forced to go without. The sham democracy of the USA has us forced between choosing a war hawk Hillary Clinton, who is financed by the same corporations who are funding the Dakota Access Pipe Line, which is poisoning indigenous people. She represents the corporate class of thieves and scum who foam at the mouth to wage never ending war in other countries and poison people for profit here at home. Or we could choose Trump who is a virulent racist human hater, billionaire landlord and grifter. His right wing fanatics go on crime sprees burning the cars and churches of hardworking folks. Both of them represent death and poverty, so what do we do? We rebel!

A small protest and march was held to state loud and clear that we are not being fooled by this so-called “democracy” for the elite. We chanted that “every time the ruling class chooses- whoever wins the working class loses”, “1234 Slavery genocide and war- 5678 America was never great” and “Throw Trump/Clinton on his/her ass- for his/her crimes and for his/her class”. We got lots of honks in support from commuters and workers alike. Even those who were voting still showed signs of support with few exceptions- even those who still believe in voting know full well that neither of these presidential candidates really represents their interests.

Children from the community were mobilized fashioning make shift masks out of their t shirts and joining the protest, they grabbed signs and help with chants, the young comrades were most eager to take swings at both crooks in the form of Trump and Clinton piñatas. The young comrades showed what they would do if either of these rich scum had the nerve to show up in South East Austin! The piñatas were destroyed and candy was enjoyed by all. As the heads of two of the most hated candidates in American history hung like monuments from the trees, more local youth came to join in using their heads as punching bags until they fell to the ground finally becoming useful as soccer balls for the people, eventually the heads were kicked into the street and the cars finished what the youth had started. News media was on the scene but they did not stick around.  elect6
With no options representing the people we move into an uncertain future- one of crisis and continued poverty, and one of plunder of third world resources by the greedy hand of the US imperialist class. We know one thing that whoever wins it is no victory to the people and that tonight when the results are announced right wing conservatives, Neo-Nazis and other fascist slime will likely mobilize and make things worse, and come what may, these scum have to be stopped. Serve The People is committed to anti-fascism and the best force to fight the fascists are the people themselves. If you are sick of this system and of white racists showing their asses contact us and see how you can get involved or come to the Texas State Capital, Saturday November 19th at 11 am sharp; to confront and shut down the “white lives matter” white power rally. There will be only a handful of them so there must be hundreds of us.

Down with phony democracy!
The people’s democracy is in the streets!
To hell with the white racist enemies who run our world!

Read the Writing on the Wall, Fuck you Get Out!

Blue Cat Café Confrontation report 2


We at Serve the People are proud to stand with Defend Our Hoodz who leads the charge against local gentrification (violent urban removal of the working class). We support and endorse the boycott against Blue Cat Café as we have for over a year. People ask why? We understand that adopting cats is a great thing to do which is enough to earn the establishment an initial amount of support from casual observers, but please look a little closer.

Blue Cat Café sits on top of the ruins of Jumpolin which embodied the culture and climate of the east side when real estate developers illegally demolished it while it was stocked with piñatas. The community wasted no time organizing a boycott of F&F ventures. Rebecca Gray, now owner of Blue Cat, was made completely aware beforehand that anyone doing business with F&F on this site would be targeted. She did not heed the peoples’ warnings and has joined in with the likes of her landlord Jordan French in making wild allegations and hurling racist insults at the Chicano community of the east side.  Some might think that hiding behind some cats can absolve Rebecca Gray, and a very few even cross the picket line to stand up for her, like the neighbor who Rebecca has bribed with free coffee and donuts. It is good for us that the majority of folks are not that cheap and we keep on fighting.


bccsideSo let’s talk about the cats. The Austin American Statesman wrote in their article yesterday while insinuating that Defend Our Hoodz were responsible for vandalism that “The owner of the Blue Cat Café discovered profane graffiti against “you gentrified scum” on the walls of the building early Friday after vandals glued the doors shut, trapping meowing cats inside the eatery.” This is an effort to get sympathy for Rebecca, not the cats. White people began crying online right away about these poor cats. What we want to know is how this actually put any cats at risk? Were they not left with food? How long did it take Rebecca to get into the building and was every entrance sealed? We highly doubt it. As can be seen while protesting, the place has multiple entry points. But the journalist hacks at The Statesman did not find this fact worth reporting. Not only do we applaud whoever it was who took this action, we hope that many diverse actions are taken against Blue Cat Café by the angry community which it sits upon like a blister. Gentrification is a cancer on this city and we want that cancer cut out by any means necessary, from protest to resistance to revolution. While Rebecca chose to keep her name out of the media because the community hates her so much, those who have actually known Rebecca for a long time have reached out to Serve the People, and we have been told the following from several people who we will not name, including former friends and associates: We have been told that Rebecca hates animals, that she used to casually threaten to poison her neighbor’s dog, that she is so unhinged that people have had to cut her out of their lives completely and that she would not allow one of her roommates to keep her cat at home. These are not the actions of a pet lover; these are the actions of a psycho. Rebecca Gray uses cats first as a gimmick to make money and second to gain sympathy for her despicable and vile behavior.

At one point during the demonstration Rebecca came out to instigate protesters on camera, she accused one of our comrades of “making death threats” and she called the pigs. The pigs tried to convince the comrade to leave with them but the crowd told them to fuck off. The pigs failed to get even the slightest bit of compelling evidence, proving yet again that Rebecca was crying wolf; she is a liar and a wannabe snitch making shit up for pity and attention. People like that have short and miserable lives and they always catch karma sooner or later, so remember that Rebecca. The protest itself remained energetic and intense, Rebecca called out a small army of cops who eventually hid inside the café while protesters surrounded the windows shouting “cats yes, pigs no!” and “read the writing on the wall, fuck you get out!” The pigs felt the need to come out and tell us they were going to “let” us keep protesting but that we had to stay off the property. When the pigs themselves were shouted down, one of them made a gun hand gesture and a bang noise  while pointing it at an activist. These veiled death threats are nothing new for APD and they got a dose of anti-pig protests that night as chants for David Joseph, Larry Jackson, Byron Carter and others who have been murdered by APD could be heard loud and clear.

This is what being an enemy of the people looks like; calling pigs to protect Blue Cat

The good news is Blue Cat Café is the only place in East Austin where you can buy an overpriced cup of tea, pet a cat suffering from worms and get a police escort thrown in for free. The Pigs had to escort the customers of Blue Cat past a mob of angry community members to their cars. While we had no intention of doing anything to these patrons past the point of educating them on the boycott, we find that it is important to note that the patrons are usually rich white hipsters or other types of rich white people. Maybe they should get the police to escort them through our neighborhood every time they come here. This was just a case of the settler police forces protecting settlers.

A simple conclusion to this is to ask our readers to become active against Blue Cat Café and anyone else who is part of the process of ripping our communities from under us. Whether you prefer protest or other methods the time is now to strike, picket, protest, resist, and most importantly – rebel!

Join Serve the People and 13 other community organizations who endorse the boycott against Blue Cat Café! Support Defend Our Hoodz and join in the resistance against gentrification. This is not the end but the beginning of a long fight for our homes, communities, culture, and dignity.

Serve the People – Austin
October 22nd, 2016

You can follow Defend Our Hoodz here: